is broadcasting from Bulgaria to the English speaking world. Through the internet, over your radio and on your cable TV too. 
 We bring you the very best mix of 
"Classic Hits & Today's Best Music".

Radio listeners want to be entertained and kept informed and in today's world they want to interact too. You can contact us "live" while we are on-air, have dedications played and published on our blog page too, and if you have something to say, we'll try and air that too.
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However, if it still does not load correctly in your browser, please try using another such as Google Chrome or FireFox. We would appreciate any feedback you might have on our web-pages and broadcast. Thank you. 
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Who’s Playing… What and When?

Thanks for tuning in. We really do appreciate your support. 
Want to know what’s going on and when? Here’s the schedule. All listed times are “UK time” so you will need to add or subtract a few hours, depending on where you live in the world.

Monday to Friday,  “Bobby's Breakfast” 
8am to 11am
Sometimes called 
“The all Day Breakfast Show” as we have people listening from all around the world and we have been told that it’s great music to have in your ears when you're eating bacon, beans, egg, fried tomato and of course 2 rounds of toast…
This great show starts with music somewhere in the 60’s or 70’s until the beat reaches the current charts. And of course… it’s sprinkled with a little bit of good old ”Country Music” too.

Monday to Friday,  Nick Price in The Afternoon
11am to 2pm
“Nick in The Afternoon”, or lunch with Nick, is simply a terrific show! Nick plays current rock and pop with some oldies thrown in too. He will tease you with competitions and conundrums… and we are told that doing such things develops more brain cells! 
So… thank you Nick... 
for making us all so much smarter. 

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday - 5pm to 8pm
Friday and Saturday - 8pm to 11pm  
Rod Lucas...
Smooth Grooves/Smooth Jazz
Rod Lucas is so so smooth… 
Rod hosts two new shows for Trust Global Radio both relaxing programs for just chilling out. “Best Smooth Jazz” is two hours of mellow Smooth Jazz, nothing loud, nothing that will make you jump out of your chair. It’s the sort of music you will love to listen to while you drink wine, eat good food and chat with friends.  Also “Best Smooth Grooves”, a mix of mellow Soul Slow Jams and Smooth Jazz. 

5pm - 6pm  
Saturday and Sunday 
10am to 11am  
Mike Walker... 
”Saving the 70's”

"Saving the 70s" is hosted by Mike Walker, 36 year veteran of the "radio wars", and 70s music and culture FANATIC! "Saving the 70s" specializes in songs that traditional radio forgot, but you never will. 

And it's not just the music that'll keep you coming back. "Saving the 70s" is loaded with sound bites from 70s music, tv, movies, news events, commercials, and more, presented at breakneck speed as Mike races back from the restroom before 
"American Pie" runs out!

Friday and Saturday 5pm to 8pm
It's "Big Tommy" and "The Big Fat Party Anthem Show".

Tommy’s “Big Fat Party Anthems Show” is in our opinion, the richest danciest program in the world. With breathless BANGIN Beat, this supercharged HIGH energy music will take you through to the late hours. There’s featured tracks from British and Euro Dance as well as famous remix, Magamix and Mash-ups.  WOW!

You can listen to Trust Global Radio online by clicking  ...via the European Cable Network, Bularian Cable Network and on the following FM frequencies in selected countries 93.9 - 106.7  -  107.1  -  107.5  and  107.9